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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Organizing Spellbinders Dies

Today I want to share a great solution I found for Spellbinder Dies.

I have been using CD cases to store my Spellbinders for a while but I didn't quite like the solution. The first problem was that I couldn't fit long rectangles dies into a CD case. Also with the number of CD cases I had, a lot of times they would fall off when I transported them from the house to a crop.

Then I found Tim Holtz's stamp binder. The dimension of the pocket is 7" w x 8.5" h, I can definitely fit the long rectangle dies and curved rectangle dies in there without any problem.

To keep them from shifting, I then found some avery inkjet printable magnetic sheets sold at Sam's Club's website for $7.88 with shipping fee included. That saved me a trip to the store... :)

Each package of magnetic sheets comes with 5 sheets. I cut each sheet in half and trim off the long side to be 8" long and they fit perfectly in the pockets. So I can store 10 sets of Spellbinder Dies. I then printed out their item number and name of dies on address labels and stock them on the magnetic sheets. See how neatly they stored in this cute binder.

Inside of the binder also has a front pocket and that's where I keep my tan embossing mat and white spacer plate and instruction sheet.

Here is great thing about this binder. It comes with a zipper so when I am done with these dies, I just close the zipper. Voila...they are safely kept inside the binder.

Not only I can keep Spellbinders Dies in this binder, I can also keep my clear stamps, stickers sheets, stencils,..., etc. I just love it.

Here is another tip for organizing Spellbinders Dies. I don't know about you but when I scrapbook, I love to take out all my tools and accessories. But when I am done, it's difficult to separate Spellbinders Dies into their own sets. So when I get a new set of dies, I use marker to label them in the back with the item number and die number with the largest one as 1 and second largest one as 2, and so on. That way, it's easy to sort them.

For Scalloped Square Dies, because these dies overlapped with each other, you can not nest them together on the magnetic sheet. You have to alter the sizes and keep in 2 separate piles like below.

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Bossie Ms Pippin said...

This is a great idea! Thanks so much for the tip!